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Discover all the advantages of the Emmedue Advanced Building System

The modularity of the Emmedue System favors absolute design flexibility and high degrees of integration with other building systems.

The lightweight panels make them extremely easy to handle, assemble, and use to build an unlimited range of structures, even in adverse working conditions, earthquake-prone areas and climate extremes.

Thermal Insulation

Emmedue buildings perform brilliantly in both insulation and load-bearing functions: the thickness and density of the panel can be customised to deliver specific thermal insulation requirements. Furthermore, the EPS core extends throughout the surface which makes up the building envelope eliminating thermal bridging.

For example, an Emmedue PSM80 wall with a finished thickness of about 15cm provides the same thermal insulation as an insulated solid masonry wall of about 40cm, with obvious advantages in terms of additional space. Coupling with sound-absorbing materials (such as plasterboard, cork, coconut fibre, rock wool, etc.), further optimizes the acoustic insulation of those walls, in compliance with the most stringent regulations.

Rapid Installation

The Emmedue Advanced Building System has been used in countless building projects, in diverse conditions, and with all types of labor worldwide. These building experiences show a marked reduction in construction time compared to traditional building methods.

This reduction in production times is due to the modularity of the panels that allows the creation of highly standardized solutions. The standardization meets the needs of production optimization, mainly technical, by virtue of the assembly speed and the ease of construction; which is thanks to the use of an industrial product, the Emmedue panel that optimizes the assembly sequences and limits the operation of the work site personnel. Indicatively, a 40%* time-saving

*refers to builds using PSMØ2.5 panels

Cyclone Resistance

Over the years, structures built with the Emmedue Advanced Building System in areas of high cyclonic risk have demonstrated their ability to resist the passage of the most devastating cyclones.

Laboratory tests* of impact resistance of hurricanes have confirmed the cyclonic resistance of the Emmedue buildings, suitable to cope with the pressures of the most powerful hurricanes and breakthrough induced by flying objects. 

*tests comply with U.S regulations for anti-hurricane protection with speeds up to 106.2 km / h.

Integration with other building systems

Emmedue is a completely versatile Building System compatible to other existing building systems; in fact, Emmedue products can also be used to complete reinforced concrete or steel structures. In addition, Emmedue products can be easily anchored to other construction elements, such as steel, wood, and pre-stressed concrete.

Wide Selection of Finishes

Buildings made with Emmedue panels can be completed with finishes of any type or, alternatively, with traditional paintwork on smoothed plaster. Moreover, the final surface of the wall looks like a thin slab in reinforced plaster, suitable to support any type of covering, even stone slabs or ventilated facades.


The Emmedue Advanced Building System promotes complete design flexibility, being equipped with a complete range of building elements: load-bearing walls, curtain walls, floors and stairs. Therefore, the System is suitable for constructing buildings of any type; in addition, it is possible to easily obtain any geometric shape -flat or curved- by simple cutting on-site.

Cost Effectiveness

Thanks to the Emmedue panel, the Emmedue Advanced Building System allows high-quality structures to be built at a very economical price, due to the efficiency achieved in the construction of the works, the movement and assembly of the panels.

A raw structure made with the Emmedue Advanced Building System costs about 30% * less than a traditional structure of similar performance. 

*refers to builds using PSMØ2.5 panels.

Fire Resistance

Emmedue panels are made of self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene, which is also perfectly confined by layers of reinforced concrete that cover the sides of the panel and prevent combustion.

Its fire resistance has been verified according to international standards through tests conducted in different laboratories. According to these tests, a wall made with the PSM80 panel provided a fire resistance ReI 150, which is why it has returned to the ReI 120 class. This means that for 150 minutes the panel has proved to be stable (R), resistant to the passage of fire and smoke (e), insulating (I).

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

The Emmedue Building System constructs buildings that achieve high levels of energy efficiency which conform to energy efficiency regulations. This is thanks to the insulating envelope provided by its polystyrene core which eliminates thermal bridges and ducts within the panels.

The Emmedue System provides noticeable improvements in indoor thermal comfort by greatly reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable development strategies as established by analysis on a prototype that show a reduction of 60% in carbon emissions when compared to traditional buildings.

Earthquake Resistance

Laboratory tests carried out on full-scale prototype houses have shown that the Emmedue structures withstand, without any damage, earthquakes of seismic accelerations superior than those required by current seismic safety regulations. In fact, the prototype houses were also tested using both artificial and natural accelerograms with peak values over 1,0g, and despite this, came through unscathed.

The results obtained in these tests represent professional confirmation of what has been repeatedly observed in real-life earthquakes. Buildings made with Emmedue panels are particularly lightweight, therefore; have a low seismic mass, but simultaneously, are rigid due to two sheets of reinforced plaster that interact to create an enveloping ‘shell’ of the entire structure.

Blast Resistance

A series of tests has been conducted on a variety of Emmedue building panels with different finishes of high strength concrete. The tests used a powerful explosive, in a test chamber optimized to produce uniform shock waves on the face of the panels.

Emmedue panels perform remarkably well, withstanding explosions of 29.5 tons/sqm.

Load Resistance

Numerous lab tests, performed in different parts of the world, have highlighted the high load resistance of the Emmedue panels. For instance, compression tests with centered load carried out on a single finished panel up to 270cm high, brought a ultimate maximum load up to 1530 km/m ≈ 156 ton/m.

The monolithic joints of the Emmedue Building System provide a high level of structural strength for the buildings.
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