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Emmedue Plant

The Emmedue production plant

The Emmedue plant consists of a complete series of machines and equipment that allow the production of the entire range of Emmedue panels.
All Emmedue plants are modular and are designed with customized production capacities, based on customer needs and market prospects. At any time after start-up, the production capacity of the Emmedue plants can be increased by simply adding some machinery and accessories, thus maximizing the investments already made. Furthermore, all Emmedue plants are designed to work on several shifts, thus favoring considerable production flexibility and the ability to cope without problems to peak production needs.
The investment in an Emmedue production plant represents a safe and sustainable business dedicated to:
  • Companies producing electro-welded meshes or polystyrene (EPS) transformers that want to diversify and expand their business, integrating it with a new green business with high benefit and requiring a limited investment.
  • New Entrepreneurs wishing to invest in a new business activity and for which the Emmedue Building System represents a unique opportunity to guarantee a safe and controlled return on investment, thanks to a consolidated business model
  • based on eco-sustainable building.
  • Construction companies, for which the Emmedue Building System represents the concrete possibility of industrializing site activities and works. In fact, Emmedue allows to maximize the economic benefits that derive from a systematic, measurable and controllable organization of a site, as well as the advantages deriving from a better planning of the procurement of building materials and of the construction site, with great advantages in terms of economic savings and energy efficiency.

Within a scenario where companies are more and more inclined to implement Industry 4.0 models, Emmedue has developed two state-of-the-art systems thanks to which it is possible to gather information on the operation of machinery and, consequently, on production activities:
M2 Dashboard

All the Emmedue machinery is equipped with a Remote Monitoring System of the control over production: the M2 Dashboard, which is a Cloud system that can be used on-line and is compatible with all devices, such as Tablets or Smartphones.

M2 Dashboard allows to have a complete and accurate control of production metrics, providing information in real time both on the production speed and the downtimes of the machinery. This allows the Production Manager to intervene promptly and to maximize the efficiency of production. Furthermore, thanks to M2 Dashboard it is possible to collect historical and current data, thus obtaining accurate forecasts of production and taking quick corrective action in order to observe the production program and the delivery schedule.

M2 Synapse

In the digital ecosystem of M2 Synapse, the machines that compose any type of Emmedue plant can exchange information between each other and receive production orders directly from the M2 PanelCad software.

More specifically, through M2 Synapse, the project developed with M2 PanelCad is turned into a production order and it is, therefore, submitted to all the Emmedue machines involved in the production process. Thus, information is transmitted in a completely automatic way, eliminating the risk of human error and ensuring a perfect synchronization of the production flows.

Thanks to M2 Synapse and to M2 Dashboard, a constant and scrupulous control over the entire production cycle of the Emmedue panels and accessories is now guaranteed.

These are the most cost-effective plant solutions offered by Emmedue, which allow producing the most innovative, certified and safe construction system in the world, with a reduced investment. Thanks to the over thirty-five years of experience in the production of sandwich panels and welding technology, Emmedue has been able to transpose into the EmmeLite and EmmeBasic plants avant-garde technological solutions even with reduced investment, while maintaining a high production efficiency and ensuring maximum compliance with safety standards for the realization of the entire range of Emmedue panels.

The flagship production line among the Emmedue proposals, designed for important production needs and high process automation.
The heart of the System is represented by the EmmeSmart paneling machine, which allows the production of the entire range of Emmedue panels with efficiency, constant production and maximum flexibility in compliance with the most stringent safety standards.
The EmmeSmart paneling machine is equipped with a patented system that allows the insertion of two connectors at the crossing point of the welding nodes of the meshwork.
The insertion of double connectors ensures a panel with better structural performance and with greater resistance than other types of panels on the market.
The EmmeSmart paneling machine is also equipped with an induction heating system for the connector wires, an exclusive Emmedue patent, and Emmedue dynamic reels, which guarantee the highest quality standard for the production of all types of panels.

The EVO6 paneling machine represents the latest generation of Emmedue paneling machines that integrates the Emmedue production plant with the most sophisticated panel production technology. The EVO6 paneling machine is a machine completely managed by motors: this not only allows reducing considerably the consumption of air, but also a remarkable precision and constant production. The EVO6 paneling machine, managed by an industrial PC, grant greater flexibility during the programming phase and, above all, it enables a better diagnostic capacity and collection of useful information for managing machine maintenance in a predictive perspective, rather than "break and fix". The EVO6 paneling machine, thanks to the software management system by PC, can insert the 6 connectors at any point along the panel and at any distance from the previous connectors. The EVO6 paneling machine is equipped with an induction heating system for the connector wires, preheating system for the connectors and Emmedue dynamic reels that guarantee a high degree of reliability.

This plant stems from the need to meet high productivity requirements of the Emmedue single panel.
Completely automated, it enables to almost completely eliminate human intervention in the production process, guaranteeing extremely high levels of productivity and quality standards of excellence thanks to the use of the most innovative information technologies.
The TechnoPlant automatic line allows the production of the entire range of Emmedue single panels. The production process is managed with an industrial PC, which provides for the coordination and movement of the various machines that make up the TechnoPlant Line:
  • Wire mesh machine with double welding line
  • Panel sizer (automatic cutting line of EPS slabs)
  • Automatic feeder of steel meshes and EPS slabs
  •  "EmmeSmart" paneling machine
  • Automatic panel stacker
  • Complete set of dynamic (motorized) reels for wire mesh machine and paneling machine

Mobile plant

The Emmedue Mobile Plant is a "turnkey" solution that enables to transport, install and start an Emmedue production facility anywhere in the world. This solution is ideal for large construction projects in highly remote areas or, in any case, where large logistical problems could hinder the installation of a traditional plant.

The Emmedue Mobile Plant consists of a COMPLETE EMMEDUE STANDARD PLANT for panel production and a MOBILE MODULE that includes a shed to house the production plant, a complete shed of equipment for the hospitality area, and everything necessary to guarantee the efficiency and autonomy of the Mobile Plant even for long periods. The containers that are used for the transport of the plant are approved and certified; therefore, they can then be reused on site to set up a comfortable equipped area for the storage of raw materials and for housing the equipment necessary for the production of electricity, compressed air and steam for the operation of the production unit.

The Mobile Plant can be easily transported to another production location at any time it becomes necessary.
Best cases
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